Don't buy the paint just yet...

08.03.24 09:01 AM By Elliott Wood

What to do when your team no longer believes the vision will actually be the vision

Does this statement sound familiar:


"When our founder says, 'paint this wall blue,' everyone knows not to go buy the paint and brushes just yet… Give it a few days."


My client described this as the culture at their founder led organization.


Everyone knew… tomorrow, the vision may be different. Like many visionaries their founder was an idea factory. And many times, what sounds like a directive was really just their leader thinking out loud.


Maybe you are a founder and sense a similar predicament, where your team doesn't believe you when you announce the next big idea.


Or you're on the team and struggle to know when to act, and when to wait.


  • Do you work with a visionary founder who changes their mind every day? Do you feel frustrated by the lack of clarity and direction in your company culture? Do you wish you could find momentum and end the start, stop, and re-do cycle?
  • Are you the visionary who wants to gain traction, get out of your own way, and help your team thrive?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone. Many visionaries struggle to translate their big ideas into actionable plans, and it holds them and their teams back.


What if you could create a clear and consistent vision, a plan to execute it, and a way to measure your, and your team's progress?


What if you could align your team, empower your people, and deliver results, every quarter?


That’s exactly what I help visionary founders and their teams do.


I specialize in helping visionary-led businesses implement a powerful system that transforms their chaos into clarity.


  • Get unstuck and move forward with your projects
  • Make room for your team to thrive and grow
  • Build a company that has lasting impact and profit


Sounds too good to be true, right?


Well, it's not. Using proven tools and frameworks, I can help. 

Take our 3 minute organizational health diagnostic below and book a call to learn how we can help you implement the System & Soul Framework to unleash the power of your company, by unlocking the power of your people.

Elliott Wood