Elliott Wood

Strategic Implementor

In the past 20 years, I've partnered with dozens of companies, churches, and nonprofits to implement effective technology strategy. Realizing that progress hinges not on technology, but on unified teamwork, I've turned my focus to solving the organizational health and strategy challenges that hold teams back.

In my role at a growing technology company, I held every role except president and accounting. I developed and implemented the processes that helped grow that company from 6 employees in 2010 to over 90 employees today. My skillset is assessing the issues that define your organization's "today," and making a plan to bridge the gap to your desired "tomorrow."

I've seen visionary leaders craft inspiring visions and carve out strong values. But too often, after the mission statements were polished and posted, progress paused. The culprit? The lack of a roadmap to implement and execute the vision. When teams lack clarity on their next steps, roles, and responsibilities, morale and trust degrade, and they struggle to implement successfully. I began to sense a calling to focus my energy on helping my clients get clarity on execution, put the roadmap in place and hold themselves accountable to the progress they envisioned.

I've facilitated thousands of hours of team workshops to help mission driven organizations make decisions together. Recognizing that the root problem with technology transformations was a need for organizational transformation, I began to evolve the workshops to uncover the people and process issues that held teams back, fostering a shared understanding beyond the software tools. 

At Strategic Matter, I'm focused on helping visionary founders get out of the "accidental operator" role and install "intentional operators." Thousands of hours have sharpened my skills in guiding teams to pinpoint the problems to solve, plan, and perform. I'm not just a facilitator; I'm your ally, dedicated to your long-term success and ready to roll up my sleeves and get busy with you.

Seasoned Experience

Over 2000 session hours and 3000+ session participants for 60+ organizations.


I connect the dots between vision and action, seeing the relationship of the whole.

Problem solver

I'm a creative problem solver who loves to dig a little deeper and find the real issue.

Action oriented

I have a bias towards action and am ready to get busy with you.

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